She dared to dream----my little girl That through God's grace---she'd change the world. Her heart of faith was like a child's Now Rachel's tears have turned to smiles - Darrel Scott

About the BookEdit

When Rachel Scott's life was tragically cut short in the Columbine High School shootings, she left behind a series of journal entries, poems, and drawings that are a powerful testament to her faith in God. Since her death, her story has touched the hearts of millionss of people around the world. Rachel Smiles is a celebration of Rachel's life and the life that her story has taken on. It shows that even a flawed and imperfect people can do great things for God.


Part 1

  • A look back in time
  • A chain reaction begins
  • Seeds of hope

Part 2

  • From halls of tragedy to halls of hope
  • Picking up the torch
  • More than kid stuff
  • Spiritual Light from a Dark Place
  • The son of Sam and the son of God
  • Growing through grief and pain
  • The Face of Evil and the Face of Goodness
  • The Other Columbine Effect

Part 3

  • A cloud of witness
  • Conculsion